I consider myself a Hippie Gypsy. I love big earrings, peasant skirts and anything off-the-wall. Generally. Now and again I can surprise you all by doing something normal but it never lasts. I love that I see things sort of in parable fashion – the common tangibles of my world become representations of more intangible things. I’m a visual learner.

It’s been a lifelong desire of mine to write “something”; share my perspective with others and see if I really had anything to offer. The older I get, the more I want to do this to leave something for the descendants who will never know me in real life. Maybe one of them will see life like I do and they can find both roots and wings.

I welcome constructive suggestions. This site will be undergoing constant changes (thanks in part to a bit of attention deficit in me) and I’d like to know what works and doesn’t work.

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