God Bless

Sure do love some of the old black and white television shows. Not just for the memories many of them bring back but also a longing for that simpler life that is ignited in my heart of hearts. And, of course, I smell popcorn and visualize that embossed metal bowl full of the buttery stuff. I used to think that bowl was HUGE but it certainly looks wimpy compared to the REALLY HUGE bowls we use now!  And there were matching metal glasses full of ice water. I’d sit on the couch with my mom, watching those shows. It was a safe time. A happy time.

One night a while ago, I was in my sewing room working late searching my small TV for something to keep me awake a bit longer. We have never been ones to invest in cable TV or other contracts that offer lots of channel options. Just the ancient, no frills roof-mounted antenna. I remember many times in Delta after a particularly windy storm, Alan would have to get up on the roof and adjust the arms and wires and direction of the poor thing. I’d try to yell directions through a window to a child stationed just outside who would then pass them on to him.
And then all the channels went digital and that opened up a plethora of channels for my viewing pleasure – many of them oldies. 

On that night in my sewing room, the show that happened to be on was The Red Skelton Show. I haven’t laughed that hard {of course I was by myself} in a long time. It was just good stupid funny and I loved it!

What amazed me the most was when the show ended. I was reminded of how Red Skelton always closed his shows. He had an uplifting message that was directed at the public in general and, depending on what was going on in the world, specific groups {like the military, for example} and then his parting words were “God Bless”.

When he says those two words, “God Bless”, he’s not being flip or sacrilegious or sarcastic and there’s no canned laughter afterwards. It’s just sincere and makes you feel good. I can’t explain the feeling I had. It was a good feeling – because he made me feel good and, besides he’d just asked God to bless me! Who wouldn’t feel good? But there was also a nostalgic feeling as I wondered what has happened?  What kind of world have we become that we shy away from uttering phrases so simple and sincere?

As I pondered Day 13 of Light the World, I remembered this night when someone asked God to bless me. I thought if we did that more – prayed for blessings to be with other people {family, friends, neighbors – even strangers met and yet to meet} how much easier it would be to remember:  “All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.”

God bless.

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