Blessed are They That Mourn….

The rest of that scripture reads “…and they shall be comforted.” I need that extra piece because when we hear that word “mourning”, most of us will not think of being “blessed”. We are more likely to think of the sadness and grieving that comes with dealing with the death a loved one. Another scripture reads, “Yea, and are willing to mourn with those that mourn; yea, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort,…”

A life changing event that is easier to recognize – you see an obituary or hear the news or an announcement. People affected by such a loss can then be comforted and their needs tended to. Not just at the time of the passing but beyond when all the hoopla and attention has waned. So, mourning with those that mourn is a little easier (more obvious) in this situation.

But what about other types of “mourning” that aren’t so easily identifiable or published for all to see?

Employment losses, shifts in friendships, losing one’s youth, health problems, children leaving home, and many more life situations are all cause to mourn on some level. And we need to recognize and mourn those losses just the same. These situations aren’t published in any paper or announced over the pulpit so it is harder for us {me, at least} to mourn with someone else. And, the reverse is also true. No one is bringing food to our door or sending flowers during these quieter, more personal losses that we choose not to advertise.

These are the times I feel we need to change the wording just a bit and “mourn with ourselves when we mourn”. Recognize that we have experienced a loss and then allow ourselves to mourn. Not saying we have to stay in that mourning state until we’ve created a black hole we can’t get out of but we need to treat ourselves with the same compassion we would someone else who has experienced a loss and mourn with ourselves. Be aware of triggers and anniversaries as well. Allow ourselves that grieving space whether it’s years later. Own it. I know I grieve for my mother a little bit every year on her birthday. It took me years to recognize what was happening but now I actually look forward to that time to remember special memories about her. That day in April has now turned into more of a spiritual time instead of the bout of depression I was experiencing.

As we are willing to “mourn with they that mourn”, {ourselves included} blessings and comfort do come.

Day 12 of Light the World – “Blessed are They That Mourn..”

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