Deeper Than a Disguise

I love Mr. Rogers. Probably more as an adult than I did while watching his TV shows with my children. I have quite a few of his books and in one of them he shares a description of an impromptu beginning to one of his shows. He came in wearing sunglasses in addition to his normal sweater and sneaker attire. In his soft voice, Mister Rogers asked the children if they knew who he was. Then he took the glasses off so they could see it was still really him. Then he put a wig on and asked them the same question, “Do you know who I am?” His point was, it didn’t matter how he looked on the outside, he was the same Mister Rogers on the inside.

I wonder how many times I turn away or keep walking or keep my distance from someone because of how I see them. Am I determining what type of character they are based on their outward appearance {like in a play or a movie} rather than seeing who they are beyond the disguise? What about how I see myself?

Every morning I pray for Heavenly Father to bless me that I can, without negative judgment, discern the needs of anyone I may come in contact with and, in some small, uneducated way, give them something positive. Many of the ‘regulars’ in my day are eager – almost starving – to share their joys; their sorrows; their anxieties and sometimes just a rundown of what their day is like. Other people who cross my path randomly, are more guarded. I am generally one of the more guarded ones.

And for the most part, we are all wearing disguises. Do we even realize it? Probably not. Or maybe we do realize it but we’re confused because we don’t remember actually choosing to wear that particular wig or pair of glasses. And either we don’t know how to rid ourselves of these deceptive disguises or we don’t dare get rid of them because they are protecting us. Even looking in a mirror, do we see ourselves as we truly are? Or do we judge ourselves the harshest?

However, after all is said and done, I hope we will all be able to know each other in another realm when disguises are removed. I hope I will know what to look for and will recognize familiar spirits. I hope they will still want to share the laughter and tears with me – even when my disguises are off!

“Judge not, that ye be not judged”.

That is today’s Light the World challenge.

Today, maybe I can try even harder to be less judgmental; not only of others but of myself as well. Maybe I could be generous enough with myself to see myself as my Heavenly Father sees me. The person He created me to be. Maybe you can as well. Join me?

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