Based on Your Choice….

Sitting here scanning through the selection of movies and TV shows on my Netflix profile. A selection that has been picked for me based on all the entertainment I have chosen to watch already. Most of the list I have a hard time connecting with and I wonder what I watched – or searched for – that would make “them” recommend these particular titles.

And then I wonder how many times I judge others based on the smidgen of themselves they choose to let me see. Most likely a good lot of the assumptions I make are as far out in left field as “The Bad Batch” or “The Good Witch” or “Death in Paradise” are for my likes. I may have someone pegged as liking a genre they wouldn’t dream of enjoying.

Also guessing I should probably watch my choices in the future a little more closely. One weak selection and, SHABAM, there is an abundance of similarly poor options staring me in the face, waiting for me to click the “OK” button right in the middle of the remote. Right there where my thumb naturally rests. It’s painstaking sometimes to weed through all of these suggestions just to get back to familiar shows more in my realm like “Call the Midwife” or “Princess Diaries” or “Merlin”. Territory I’m comfortable in; where popcorn satisfies my craving and my blanket is soft and wrappable.

And I have a better insight into what it feels like to be profiled based on too little evidence.


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