The Best of My Life

Heard a story last night. The man said his grandfather married his first wife knowing she only had a year to live. He loved her so much he vowed to make her last year her best year.

He was blessed with four years to make that last year her best. They never had any children. And even though he remarried after she passed, her family remembered his love and kindness to his 1st wife and years later {like 60 years later} they honored him for that love and devotion.

I cried then and I’ve cried since as I think of all the people I’ve been blessed with in my life {from brief acquaintances to lifelong family}. I have to wonder if I’ve put enough love and devotion and unselfish work into my relationships with them so that our time together would be remembered as “best” or “great” or, sadly, not even remembered at all. Was there a best four years? Forty years? One year? A day? A moment?

Another improvement I can work on….


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