I Could See the Headlines… 

It was all very vivid in my mind. The news report would be something like, “A youngish woman found dead of an apparent trauma induced heart attack. Those who witnessed her demise are all in agreement – it was entirely due to the faulty instructions included with the tee-pee she was attempting to set up.

“All the witnesses {a son, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren} agree the deceased was following the enclosed instructions to the letter. Well, except for using a rock in place of a hammer. But the box did not say additional tools would be needed to properly set up said tent so it was not her fault she was left to her own devices.


“The deceased was following the enclosed instructions right up to Step #4 where it said, “An adult should enter the tent and hold up the ceiling.” The deceased was acting as ‘an adult’ in this step.

“Step #5 called for a secondary adult to enter said tent with the poles to assist in the finishing of the tent. The deceased’s 16-year-old grandson was acting as ‘secondary adult’.

“The family is alleging there should have been clarification that the adult in Step 4 should be one who did not suffer from claustrophobia. Secondary adult, as well as a younger grandchild were almost trampled as the deceased made her frantic exit from said tent before collapsing in the dirt.”

The actual death is the only thing I imagined.

The rest is honest to goodness gospel truth. Mostly. Or maybe I was suffering from a little bit of heat stroke and my memory is a little exaggerated. Doubtful but a little possible. Just a little.

But we did get the tent up.

Had myself worked up when it came time to take it down. There was a grandson between me and the door when I pulled the poles out but I left no footprints on his body.

Why are we blessed with these irrational fears?

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