Am I Close Enough?

A woman, suffering from a debilitating illness for years, sits in the street and waits for a man to walk past. A man she has heard is a Worker of Miracles, a Healer. A man who is a Teacher, a Physician, a Prophet, a Savior. Maybe even the Son of God.

He is coming. She hesitates. In the last minute she reaches out a faith-filled hand and barely touches the hem of the robe of He who, unbeknownst to her, will eventually heal her of every malady and imperfection she has ever had.

Perhaps the larger miracle to me is not that she was healed but that He noticed her touch. In that touch He had to have felt her humble need for acknowledgment, to be told {shown} she was loved, important, needed, vital. Though she hoped to crawl away unnoticed, that was not to be. Jesus knew she needed more from Him and He freely gave it to her.

How often I wish I could just blend in with the ground or the rock wall and go unnoticed. Somewhere deep inside me there is the smallest of seeds that pushes through my insecurities and mocks my feeling of unworthiness. The smallest of seeds that pushes me to stretch my hand out, reaching to my limits, and touch the robe of my Savior. Allowing him to heal. To acknowledge. To show me I am loved and important and vital.

I think tonight I will remember to thank my Heavenly Father for looking beyond my crooked roads and wrong turns and just down right poor directional choices and not giving up on me. When my eyes and my feet wavered and wandered, He stepped in to protect and nurture that ever so tiny, valiant seed. And I will vow to strive harder to keep the crowds and the world from coming between me and the hem of His healing robe.


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