First New Years’s Resolution: ????

I purchased this little dust-covered plaque 30-some-odd years ago. {Of course, it didn’t come with the dust. That’s something I have added just to personalize it and jazz it up a bit.} It hung on my bedroom wall back when my house was filled with the voices, imaginations, messes and energy of four young children. Actually, I think, at some point, it was also part of the menagerie of school pictures and baby pictures that were randomly placed on our living room walls. Back in time so far even that changing stages were a daily occurrence. Since then, the plaque has been on various walls and shelves where I alone would see it and be reminded of, not only the changing stages of life, but, more importantly, the blessings.

Evidently its presence has become commonplace because, as I realized tonight, I have not seen it – REALLY seen it – for some time now.

I saw it today, though.

For awhile now, I’ve sorta been {okay really been planted} on the pity pot. I’ve tried to make it something of a heroic time, likening it to one of my mother’s most favorite quotes:

“I am not dead”, Sir Andrew cried.
“I am hurt but I am not slain.”
“I’ll just lie here an bleed awhile,
“Then I’ll rise and fight again!”

Yeah, I’ve tried to convince myself I’ve just been nobly bleeding a bit from some war-inflicted wound but in reality I’ve just been feeling sorry for myself. I need to feel around and find my suspenders and pull up my granny panties! I’ve been drowning in peace and quiet and a snow-filled yard with no snowman or snow forts and hours of my own to binge watch strange shows on Netflix! And I’ve mourned the passing of stages instead of seeing and rejoicing in the blessings of my current stage.

Jesus Christ referred to Himself as the Great “I Am”. In fact in D&C 29:1 it says:  “Listen to the voice of Jesus Christ, your Redeemer, the Great I Am…”, and I think it’s time I actively listened to that voice and followed His example.

I need to be more aware of my “I Am” instead of mourning my “I Was” or getting anxious about my “I Will Be”.

So…for my first resolution of 2017 “I AM” choosing to see blessings!

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