It’s so easy to think I’m all sorts of Christian and I’m serving my neighbors and being nonjudgmental and am always openly accepting of others. Within the walls of my own church building. As I’ve been a member of different congregations while attending programs my grandchildren are participating in, I have realized how complacent and comfortable I have let myself get. Not sure if I’m in my comfort zone or if my comfort zone has adapted itself to my aura.

No matter.

I’m a self-proclaimed people watcher anyway but sitting in pews in various other chapels has been an eye opener. I am kinda judgmental. There are probably people worshiping in those various places whom I would have second thoughts about reaching out to or serving. And yet, here they are. Praying. Testifying. Reaching their hand out to shake mine. These strangers are welcoming me into their midst, introducing me and making sure I am comfortable because they haven’t seen me before.

My judgments are now turned more inward as I compare how comfortable I have gotten in my comfort zone. I know I need to go to the gym for physical reasons but maybe I need to stretch my spiritual muscles a bit more.


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