You Answered Someone’s Prayer

It was an amazing moment for me today. A heart-tugging, cheek-wetting slow motion moment in time. Is it possible to be humbly proud? I was!

Today the oldest son of my oldest son {and my oldest grandchild} was able to perform the priesthood ordinance of blessing the Sacrament. It was a last-minute decision. He had told me he would just be sitting with two other priests and observing for a couple of weeks before he would actually have the honor of saying the prayer. When I first caught glimpse of him at the Sacrament table, there were three young men sitting there. When the meeting started, though, I noticed one had left to help with other responsibilities.

I gave him the thumbs up and he grinned his wide, easy grin.

Song, announcements, song and it was time.

His voice was solid and sure and smooth. And then he stumbled over a word, stopped {as did my heart – for just a moment} and then he started over. The Sacrament prayers are prayers that are to be said exactly, word for word, and it is standard practice to start over whenever a mistake is made. And so he started over. And he made it through.

I was emotional. I was proud. Humbly proud.

Afterwards I was a little pushy getting through people’s little groups of chatting as I headed towards him. And I saw he was actually heading towards me {another heart-warming feeling}. I hugged him. Tight. My words came out in tears and I could only hope he could hear between the wetness.

And then I said, “I hope you know that whenever you have to start the prayer over, you realize you are the answer to at least one person’s prayer. Someone wasn’t quite ready and needed to be given a second {or third or fourth} chance to hear the promises and commitments in the prayer from the exact first word to the exact last word. You aren’t making a mistake. You are answering a prayer!”

He laughed and acknowledged that he would remember.

I hope every young man realizes that there is no such thing as a mistake when performing these priesthood duties. These are only moments they are blessed to help Heavenly Father’s children on a little deeper level than at other times. Being used as the answer to someone’s prayer is a special privilege – not given to just anyone.

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2 thoughts on “You Answered Someone’s Prayer

  1. I love you Janis and the way you express yourself. We had a young man have to restart the sacrament prayer in our ward, too.

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