A Touch of VooDoo

2016-06-07 18.13.39-2I splurged and bought me this set of Mothers’ rings and I love them!

Every other ring has the initials of one of my children and their spouse, with a ring for our stillborn little girl. They are always worn in order of the child’s age. I love to sit and twirl them and straighten them. Twirl them. Straighten them. Slide them up a little. Push them back down.

I smile when I mess with the rings. Maybe even giggle a bit to myself.

These are my VooDoo rings and they give me a sense of power and control. False and short lived though it may be. Fidgeting with my rings makes me think I am keeping my children in line, straightening out any wrinkles they may be facing in their life at that moment and putting order in their typical, to-be-expected chaos.

If you happen to know any of my children and see them twitching or shifting for no explainable reason, know that I am sitting somewhere with a slight grin, hiding back a giggle as 

I straighten and twirl…

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