Stairway to Heaven

The way I remember it, the most popular theme song for dances back in my day {not quite the dinosaur age  – try the early 70’s} was Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. It seems that by my senior year, there were moans every time that particular song was on the list of songs to vote from.

I’ve climbed the Stairway to Heaven. Minnitonka Cave’s version of the Stairway to Heaven actually {Located in the Cache National Forest}. 71 stairs gets you to the top in this particular Stairway to Heaven. 71 stairs out of the 444 stairs (one way) in the entire Minnitonka Cave.

And come to find out, another 71 stairs down because to get out of the cave, you must go back down them. And, of course, that makes it the Stairway NOT to Heaven.

On that particular day I became the person the guide looked for to make sure everyone in his tour was caught up. Yep. I was the last one, the slow poke, the rotten egg. The tail end. The old woman who thought she was going to die. I guess there were a couple of times when my daughter was actually the tail end. Because she was pushing me. But I made it.

My conclusion was that it was more difficult for me to climb UP the 71 stairs than it was to go DOWN the same 71 stairs.

More recently I was on a hike with my son and some of his children. Their plan had been to hike down to a little never-fished creek and catch some magnificent fish. I wanted to tag along and they very graciously consented. We never made it to the creek. Thanks to me and to some storm clouds. There were a lot of steps downhill (I didn’t count them but there were A LOT). By the last time they all heard me say, “I’m okay, I meant to do that!” the storm clouds were threatening enough that we headed back to camp. {And that would be directly after my son’s attempt to pull me up a steep slope by using my walking stick – which promptly popped apart into two pieces landing me on my bottom and had all of us dying of laughter}

Again, as in the cave, it was harder coming back up than it had been going down.

And, as I stopped to contemplate this conclusion for the second time in as many months, it made total sense to me. And, maybe, just maybe, as I stood contemplating this conclusion, I was also offering a very sincere, needy prayer that I be able to make it back to where I had come from without needing an intervention or a serious rescue effort!

It is more difficult for me to make the right choices, the good choices, the benevolent choices, the charitable, merciful, loving choices that will lead me back to my Father in Heaven’s presence. I reach out for any piece of stability during the slips and slides and stumbles that come as part of the journey – and I plead for healing for all the accompanying skinned knees and elbows received in the process {and broken walking sticks}. Retaking that lost ground is difficult and requires sincere desire and sweat-creating effort. At least for me.

But reaching that pinnacle and feeling the accomplishment? So very worth every bruise and sore muscle and twisted ankle.

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