This One’s For You, Mom!

I don’t remember a time when this quote, in some form or another, was not either taped on my mother’s dresser mirror or stuck to the fridge door with a magnet or written in bold black letters on the large white board that hung in her kitchen.
I’ve shared it with multiple people who have later thanked me for it as it has helped them through a time or two of struggles. It goes without saying, that I’ve had it memorized and have rehearsed the words in my head many a time, “I am not dead”; “I’m just going to bleed for a while”; “I’ll rise and fight some more”.

These pictures were just too appropriate not to personalize the saying for myself.

The emotions on this sweet little girl’s face are not only priceless but so fitting for the quote as well.

So, have your moment. Bleed awhile.

Always rise and fight again, though!!!

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