NightLight Philosophy 101

My mind had a hard time wrapping my head around what my granddaughter was handing me. My mind was telling me it was a nightlight but my eyes were telling me everything is not always as it seems. But I wasn’t grasping the specific anomaly.

However, I did begin to think of a couple of ways it could be used in advertising and thought I should submit it and possibly earn an easy million dollars. It was such a stunning phenomenon, I truly couldn’t just toss it in the garbage!

“This is what you look like when you run out of Pepper 10 {or diet Pepsi or Coke or whatever your vice may be}”

“If you notice increased meltdowns, see your electrician at once, as this could be a sign of future hot flashes of monumental proportions.”

Truth is, Aspen brought this nightlight into me one day  awhile ago. My first reaction was to scold Aspen for playing with the night lights. She was at that stage notorious for curiosity.
Then when I finally concentrated on it and got a closer look, I began to think how grateful I should be that my house had not lit up the night sky or burned to the ground while we were at work.
The nightlight had been plugged in an outlet in one of the bedrooms downstairs. Evidently, from the traces left behind, it was a bed with a green blanket covering it. Being such a great detective {I watch all those criminal shows} I deduced the bed (with the green blanket covering it) had gotten pushed so close to the light that it began to suffocate it. I’m thinking this could be me in one of my claustrophobic moments. It’s certainly what I feel like during a worst case scenario!
Not only did the blanket keep the heat in, it also must have covered the sensor so the light was staying on constantly instead of the usual flickering on and off as needed.
This is also a visual as to why I believe in mental health days or moments or whatever I can get. If I’m crowded and suffocating and burning constantly, I have serious meltdowns. Almost as bad as the Wicked Witch of the West in Oz. This all led up to me identifying, and choosing to share, this little tidbit I believe in.
Night Light Philosophy 101:

We, as eternal Night Lights, were not created with the expectation that we ‘let our light shine’ 100% all of the time. Night Lights of our type have internal sensors and, therefore, can strive to shine when it’s dark and someone might need a comforting reminder of the opposite of darkness. But then Night Lights need to have a chance to cool off and recharge those internal sensors.

And recharging ourselves is not the same as “hiding our light under a bushel”.

Sometimes I need to be reminded of my own philosophies.

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