First and Foremost…

So, I’m sitting here having a boob-fest while watching the Princess Diaries. Man, I love that show – 1 and 2. I love Julie Andrews and there couldn’t be a better queen than her in my eyes.

Well, so anyway, Mia (the queen’s granddaughter and princess-to-be) continues to fail at being everything a princess should be. She has failed big time and is tearfully apologizing to her grandmother and reassuring her she will relinquish her title of ‘princess’ so she will not continue to embarrass her.

Her grandmother turns to her and very graciously and emotionally says,

“Oh, Mia, you are first and foremost my granddaughter!”

That line gets me every time.

I hope I treat my children and grandchildren in such a way that they know they are ‘first and foremost’ my loves. That any success or failure they may have in their lives will not sway my love for them.

And secondly, I hope someday (with a lot of changes and re-commitments in my life) I can hear my Heavenly Father say to me, “Oh, Janis, you are first and foremost my daughter!”

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