God Bless the Open Door

A while ago, I had a late night ritual of watching old reruns of Perry Mason. I can multitask a lot of times while watching these old shows because the plots were so much simpler then. You don’t miss the key to the whole solving of the mystery if you blink your eye once. There really isn’t a whole lot of variety in the scripts, either. At least in the speaking parts of DA Hamilton Burger and Perry Mason and other regulars on the show.

One such night, however, I was enlightened by Perry Mason.  There’s a lot of the same language used in their courtroom bantering and I’m amazed that they could get away with making Burger always appear so dramatic and at the same time downright stupid.

Anywho, instead of there being a lot of objections because it was “incompetent, irrelevant, and immaterial” in this particular episode, there were several times where the judge ruled information admissible for Mason because Burger had “opened the door”. By the end I figured out {Disclaimer here – I am not an attorney and have never been to law school} that if an attorney “opens the door” and the opposing attorney catches it, the attorney who opened the door is pretty well screwed.

And so, I wondered, how often have I opened the door and let opposition enter my life?

I actually remember at least one Family Home Evening {or Hambly Foam Evening as Joe would say} where we tried to teach the kids about how we opened the door for Satan and a bad spirit to be in our home. Last night I started thinking about all the different ways I have opened the door for jealousy or misunderstanding or guilt or insecurity and allowed those things to not only come in through this open door of mine, but actually settle in, lock, stock and barrel. I’m sure there are a lot of hardships that I would not have experienced if I’d have kept the door closed. . . and the chair under the knob!

Since there are always exceptions, though, and two sides to every picture, I’m grateful for the times I’ve opened the door and good things have come into my life. Because of my new-found belief that every One comes into my life for a reason or with a message or a lesson and every Thing happens for a reason, I’ve been a little freer with the opening of my door and a little less judgmental as to what is on the other side. I can honestly say I’ve been blessed for it. Maybe it’s only in the courtroom that you seem to always get screwed by opening a door. Or maybe I just need to ask God’s blessing on the Open Door.

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